Home help in China: an independent existence

Ma Lingli will not easily forget the morning of 21 March 2018. Her new business Bangni Housekeeping Service in Tenghui City in China went off amid great interest. Ma Lingli is one of the 300 young women in rural China who have received training to become a Yuesao (home help). Ma Lingli was trained as a home help herself, but she decided to set up a temporary employment agency for home helps. With this she generates more employment for less fortunate women in rural areas.

Women living in rural China have poor prospects. There is hardly any work and a lot of women are living in poverty. The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation tries to tackle this problem in cooperation with FrieslandCampina China. In 2016, they started the Loving Yuesao project, in which women are trained for free to become home helps. By now, 300 young women have been trained in the provinces Anhui, Hebei, Gansu and Guizhou. They learn how to take care of babies, what care a new mother needs and they also do household work. The start of the project was so successful, that a new phase was entered into. The objective is to have trained 3000 women in the year 2020. After their training, virtually all Yuesao will find jobs with young families in the cities or in rural areas. The Yuesao are godsends to families, as maternity care at home is not available in China. For the young women themselves this is the start of an independent existence and a chance to get away from poverty.