Lagos – Nigeria. A city with 21 million people. And the number of people living in Lagos is still growing. 25 years ago, the city had only 500,000 inhabitants. Along with this rapidly growing population, the demand for clean water increases as well. Drinking water is scarce in Nigeria and in Lagos in particular. Most people do not have direct access to the water supply.

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria has a plant in Lagos producing condensed, long-life milk. To Nigerian consumers the Peak brand is a leading brand for milk: nutritious dairy full of valuable nutrients. A plant also needs water itself, among other things for cooling products and for cleaning. The water used at the plant is thoroughly cleaned in the on-site water treatment plant. A small group of catfish is swimming in a small fish pond with clean water located a bit further. They are an indicator for the purity of water, which therefore is ready for re-use.

However, FrieslandCampina WAMCO does more. In the year 2017, the plant joined the Alliance for Water Stewardship, an international organisation promoting the proper use of water by means of special programmes. An overview has been made of the use and management of water in the plant. How can the use of water be reduced? How vulnerable is the water supply? In cooperation with the neighbouring companies, solutions are sought for saving water and for developing ways of working that can also be used in other countries suffering from water shortage. The process of certification for is currently going on.

FrieslandCampina is driven by the purpose ‘nourishing by nature‘. Reduction of the use of scarce raw materials, such as water, is part of our purpose. A better management of water in the communities where we are present helps us to fulfil the promises of our purpose.