Realtime insight in green energy production FrieslandCampina’s dairy farms

Generation of renewable energy is typically something related to farmers. Large roof tops are well suited for solar panels. Besides, the green meadows offer room for grazing cows, but also catch a lot of wind. It is for these reasons the farm is an extremely suited place for renewable energy production. FrieslandCampina sees already more than 2300 member farms producing green electricity.

Energy transition

Now this contribution can be followed in realtime through The website shows live how much green electricity is produced and for example how many households can be provided with electricity. Thanks to this website FrieslandCampina offers insight in how all the local initiatives of his members add up to national level.

Thanks to the own initiatives from dairy farmers and programs like the Solar program of FrieslandCampina the production of green electricity is likely to rise quick in the coming years. For example 772 farms got granted subsidy for renewable energy production (SDE) which they can use to install 294 MW of solar capacity, equaling the average consumption of 93.000 households. Recent research from students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) indicates that FrieslandCampina members have a potential to provide as much as 12 percent of the Dutch domestic electricity needs.

Together energy

The application is developed by Gasunie subsidiary NetAnders and it uses research efforts conducted by the energy platform EnTranCe of the Hanze University for Applied Sciences Groningen. It uses capacity data of solar and wind installations and KNMI weather data to calculate energy production. That is how FrieslandCampina together with these companies provide insight in how much green farm electricity is produced by our members every minute of the day!

Curious to find out why FrieslandCampina member dairy farmer Herbert Stamsnijder decided to produce renewable energy and why professor Smart Energy van Tilburg University Gerard de Leede is enthusiastic about the contribution of farmers in the energy transition? Do you want to know what makes Business Developer at FrieslandCampina René van der Linden so proud regarding the role of FrieslandCampina and why NetAnders founder Sander Huizinga believes the website is so important?

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