Sustainable procurement of agricultural raw materials and packaging is part of our ambition. Our Purpose, Our Plan guides us in our sustainability choices, a fundamental part of our daily business.

FrieslandCampina and its dairy farmers aspire to build a leading position with sustainability and set the standard for a sustainable dairy industry. FrieslandCampina will invest more in the brands that are in line with our purpose.

Being part of a cooperative of member farmers, an incredibly large part of our products comes from our own organisation. We call that ‘from grass to glass’. Of course, we also need a fair share of other sources to make sure we can daily provide customers and consumers all over the world with healthy and affordable dairy products.

FrieslandCampina’s responsibility for sustainable production not only reaches as far as the already extensive chain from grass to glass. It also includes how and where we ‘source’ or purchase our wide range of other agricultural raw and packaging materials as well.

By 2020, FrieslandCampina aims to only purchase these materials from fully sustainably managed sources. Agricultural raw materials that are already (partially) purchased from sustainably managed sources include cocoa, soy oil, Palm oil, coconut oil, cane sugar, beet sugar, starch, soy and paper for packagings. In 2018, the share of raw materials purchased from sustainably managed sources  increased to 77 percent (2017: 55 percent) (source FrieslandCampina Annual magazine 2018).

Key categories of raw materials addressed are:

Ingredients of animal origin

As part of our sustainable sourcing goals, we are committed to mind animal health and welfare for animal ingredients we need for our products too. Therefore, for the production of Valess and Mona only free-range eggs are used. The hens that lay the free-range eggs can use the free-range shed and they have constant daytime access to an outside range with vegetation.