The purpose of the partnership between FrieslandCampina Nederland and the Association of Dutch Food Banks is to make available dairy products to people in the Netherlands living below the poverty threshold. In practice FrieslandCampina supplies one million dairy products per year to the food banks. This fits perfectly in the policy of the Dutch Food Banks to increase the amount of nutrients in the food parcels. FrieslandCampina will also bear the logistical costs of the operation, enabling better distribution of dairy products to food banks throughout the Netherlands. It will also share its expertise in food safety, quality assurance and healthy nutrition.

Increasing nutritional value

Leo Wijnbelt, Chairman of the Association of Dutch Food Banks: ‘The food banks in the Netherlands have for some time now been taking steps to include healthier products in their food parcels. The UN World Food Programme has underlined the importance of dairy as part of a balanced diet. Dairy naturally contains key nutrients such as proteins, vitamins B2, B12 and calcium. The continuous supply of dairy products to all the food banks in the Netherlands is therefore an important next step in our existing partnership with FrieslandCampina.’

Dairy-based beverage for Dutch foodbanks

Since July 2016 FrieslandCampina produces a dairy-based beverage especially for the food banks in the Netherlands. At the Maasdam production location dairy-based beverages for Optimel, Vifit, GoedeMorgen!, and Yoki are produced. Often there is a part of the product left at the end of the production. This dairy-based beverage full of nutrients is now especially packed for the foodbanks. A great example of our purpose: better nutrition for the world. A complement to o1ur colleagues in Maasdam who made this possible.

Dairy based beverage

Association of Dutch Food Banks

Over a million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty threshold. The Association of Dutch Food Banks, to which 149 food banks are affiliated, helps a small proportion of this group through the distribution of food parcels. Over 70% of food bank clients have uncertain access to food, which means they do not always have access to enough food or to a sufficiently healthy or varied diet. These individuals are largely dependent on their weekly food parcel for meeting these dietary needs (according to research by VU University Amsterdam, 19 May 2014). The food banks give help to some 35,000 families throughout the Netherlands.