To school in Vietnam

Every child has a right to education and education is the key to the future. This is what the Den Dom Dom programme of FrieslandCampina in Vietnam is about. From the year 2002, a new school has been built in the rural area of Vietnam (and sometimes even two) or an old school has been radically renovated every year. As many as 20 schools were built in remote and often poor areas in the period from 2002 to now. These schools were a gift to the local communities and the teachers are paid by the governments. However, even if there is a school, this does not mean that the children can go to school just like that. In the past years, 25,000 grants have been given to parents of children in order to actually send their children to school.

FrieslandCampina has been active in Vietnam since 1996. With dairy products of the Dutch Lady brand FrieslandCampina has acquired a good market position. Some years after the start of the business in Vietnam, the time was ripe to start giving something valuable back to the country and the people living in it. Children in remote areas have the worst chances of good education. This is a reason to start building new schools in cooperation with governments. The Den Dom Dom programme has developed itself from a corporate social responsibility programme into a social movement as from the year 2002. Since 2012, the number of organisations and people involved in the programme has increased. A partnership with the Vietnamese television station VTV2 resulted in 22 reality TV shows. By means of sending a text message viewers could choose the school or the place to which they wanted to donate. Den Dom Dom inspired people to participate in and think about education for children: the entire society cares about education and the right of children to go to school.

The story of Den Dom Dom is far from told yet. In September 2015, the United Nations placed the ‘sustainable development goals’ on the agenda. Education is one of those goals that must have been reached before the year 2030. Together with governments the Den Dom Dom programme will take new steps to fight poverty and famine through education and to strive for health and equality for all children.