Stakeholders are essential for FrieslandCampina, for the continuity of the Company and for the course FrieslandCampina sails. Member dairy farmers, consumers, employees, industrial customers, partners, (local) authorities and social organisations are the Company’s primary stakeholders. The selection of stakeholders is based on an assessment of the mutual interest of the stakeholder and FrieslandCampina.

Expectations and developments

FrieslandCampina maintains structural contact with its most important stakeholders. This keeps the Company up-to-date with their expectations and with relevant developments. In its dialogue with stakeholders FrieslandCampina works on a basis of trust and develops an understanding of what is important to the different parties. This helps FrieslandCampina determine the right priorities and make the right decisions and constitutes important input for the CSR policy.
In the CSR Report you can read which topics were discussed with our stakeholders and the outcomes of these discussions. The table on page 58 summarises the most important topics discussed.

Read more about stakeholder involvement in the CSR Report.