FrieslandCampina wants to be an inspiring and reliable employer that provides its employees with opportunities, a safe and good work environment and relevant training and education. FrieslandCampina is convinced it can only extract more from milk and achieve its ambitions if it has well-trained people. This is why the Company sets great store by the inspiration and motivation of its employees. Personal involvement in solving the Company’s three global challenges increases the feeling of involvement.

Worldwide Human resources strategy

A worldwide Human resources (HR) strategy has been developed to support FrieslandCampina’s route2020 ambitions. This HR strategy revolves around three core themes: involvement, talent and change. FrieslandCampina wants its employees to gain personal satisfaction from their work. Personal contribution towards solving the Company’s three global challenges reinforces the feeling of involvement. Together, FrieslandCampina’s employees make the difference. The HR strategy also focuses on talent development and guidance through changes within the organisation.

Involvement of the employees

One of the components of the HR strategy is the involvement of the employees in CSR and CSR goals. This component of the HR strategy is aimed at:

  • Being an attractive employer
  • Provide a safe and green working environment
  • Channel the ways employees can contribute towards feeding the world and sharing knowledge about a sustainable diet
  • Help employees contribute towards reducing FrieslandCampina’s environmental footprint

All CSR activities for and by FrieslandCampina employees are encompassed in the four-leaf clover. All the activities are aimed at increasing involvement in our mission: Nourishing by nature.

Read more about the involvement of employees in the CSR Report.