Milk and milk-based products provide important nutrients for every phase of life

By offering reliable, tasty and healthy dairy products FrieslandCampina is contributing towards the world’s food and nutrient security. Milk is by nature a very nutritious product. It contains essential nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins B2 and B12, and minerals such as calcium. Milk and milk-based products provide important nutrients for every phase of life: for children for healthy growth, for sportsmen and women to help muscles recover, and for older people due to the high concentration of nutrients per calorie.

Milk and dairy as a component of a sustainable diet

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) a sustainable diet is a diet with a low environmental impact that contributes towards food security and a healthy life for current and future generations. This means that in sustainable diets nutritional value and environmental impact must be in balance. The FAO also sees dairy playing a major role. Milk by nature contains essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals such as calcium.

Less overweight people

FrieslandCampina also wants to help reduce the growing number of people who are overweight, especially children. FrieslandCampina is doing this by improving the composition of its products, through providing information about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and by making it easier for the consumer to select healthy food.

Sugar reduction is high on the agenda

FrieslandCampina is taking a step-by-step approach. But even if the taste gradually becomes less sweet there is a limit to the consumer’s acceptance. Influencing the consumers’ preference will take time and cooperation throughout the sector. That is why both the efforts of individual companies and sector-wide initiatives, such as the Product Composition Improvement Agreements, are crucial.

Global challenges

One of the three global challenges we face is the growing world population, this has impact on three things:

  1. Feeding the world’s growing population
  2. The availability of sufficient nutritious and energy-rich food and the affordability of food for a wide range of population groups
  3. Maintaining food safety and consumers’ trust

You can find more details in the FrieslandCampina CSR report or you can read more about the other three pilars of our CSR House by clicking on the pictures below.