In addition to milk, FrieslandCampina also uses other agricultural raw materials for its products. By 2020, the Company aims to limit the procurement of agricultural raw materials and paper packaging to fully sustainably managed sources. Agricultural raw materials that will be purchased from sustainably managed sources include products such as cocoa, soy oil, palm oil, cane sugar, starch and paper packaging. These products have globally recognised certificates or they are raw materials for which a plan for sustainable development will be created in cooperation with suppliers.

In 2017, the share of raw materials purchased from sustainably managed sources increased to 55 percent. This represents an increase of 12 percentage points compared to 2016. The share of cane sugar purchased from sustainably managed sources increased by 16 percentage points. Starch increased by 21 percentage points and paper packaging by 14 percentage points. The latter is due to the increase in the purchase of sustainable corrugated cardboard.

Sustainable soy

Member dairy farmers contribute to a more sustainable cultivation of soy. The animal feed with soy grit purchased by member dairy farmers originates from sustainable sources certified in accordance with the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) or comparable criteria.