The next step in sustainable dairy

Extra attention for animal, nature and climate

“It is our second nature to take good care of our landscape”, many member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina say. They are proud of their well-groomed cows, a well-tended piece of land with more herbs and flowers, insects and meadow birds. In the meantime they also contribute to the energy supply of their company and the Dutch households via solar panels or windmills. For many members it is self-evident, but we as a company find this special and have great admiration for the approach of our owners.

Integral approach for more impact

FrieslandCampina wants to lead with sustainability. That is why we look at how the company and the cooperative, from grass to glass, can constantly improve. On separate elements, but also as a whole. This is the complete, chain-transcending approach that characterises us. That does not make changes easy. But if things change, they can immediately have a larger impact. That is why we opt for an integrated sustainability approach around the new, sustainable dairy that we can now offer to consumers. Dairy products that are strongly in line with our CSR pillar ‘Now and in the future‘.

Continuous sustainability

This sustainable dairy from FrieslandCampina is the first to comply with the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ quality mark that was recentlyThe next step in sustainable dairy 4 established for dairy products. We are proud of the high standards that our farmers set in general, but the fact that a large portion of our member dairy farmers were the first to receive this quality mark makes us even more proud. ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ requires a lot of attention for the combination of animal, nature and climate. For example, PlanetProof requires a reduction of CO2 and methane emmission and high scores in the field of animal welfare and biodiversity. PlanetProof also set standards in the field of meadow grazing and protein from their own land.

What does that mean for milk and farmers?

‘On the way to’ symbolises the way to a future-proof dairy farm, which produces in balance with the earth. In a ‘PlanetProof’ dairy farm, dairy farmers and dairy companies work together to close cycles, to visibly improve biodiversity, a low climate footprint and a high standard for animal welfare and animal health.

It requires a great deal of effort and craftsmanship from the dairy farmer to first meet these strict standards. But also after that. ‘On the way to’ means that the requirements for certification are regularly updated. This applies not only to the dairy farms, but also to the processing production sites. The focus is on recycling, the use of fossil energy and reduction of CO2 emissions. The system is open to all dairy farmers and all dairy companies.

Small contribution, big impact

Farmers who want and can meet the requirements receive an extra premium for this. Part of the compensation goes to the collective, the cooperative. This will be used for further sustainability of other member dairy farms. We also ask consumers for a contribution for this. After all, why wouldn’t you as  consumer be willing to pay a bit more for animal welfare, nature and climate?

The next step in sustainable dairy 3