Better nutrition

  • 64% of FrieslandCampina’s consumer products complies with the criteria as described in the FrieslandCampina Global Nutritional Standards
  • Balanced product range – basic nutritional products for every day (81%) and self-indulgent products for occasional consumption (19%)
  • Education about healthy nutritional and exercising patterns

A good living for our farmers

  • Value creation for member dairy farmers 1.33 euros per 100 kilos of milk
  • 20,347 farmers trained Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Nigeria via the Dairy Development Programme
  • More than 375 farmers trained by FrieslandCampina member dairy farmers as part of the Farmer2Farmer programme
  • In 2017 seventeen employees of FrieslandCampina and eighteen member dairy farmers advised forty dairy cooperatives in Asia and Africa during 500 working days

Now and for generations to come

  • Energy consumption per tonne product +1.8%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from production and transport -4.6%
  • Greenhouse gas emission by member dairy farms -2.4%
  • Pasture grazing 79.4% (+1.2%-point)
  • All of FrieslandCampina’s production facilities in Europe made 100 percent use of green electricity Sustainable energy production at farms via Solar programme
  • Start Water Stewardship programme in Nigeria