Better nutrition for the world
A good living for our farmers
now and for generations to come

Good income for our farmers

FrieslandCampina aims at adding as much as possible value to the milk in order to make a maximum contribution to the income and the continuity of the dairy farms of its members.

Economic performance and profitability

The profit over 2015 increased to 343 million euro (2014: 303 million euro). The profit growth is the result of the increase of the sales of products with more added value in Asia and by Ingredients, favourable currency effects of 34 million euro, lower procurement costs and lower company costs.

A total of 355 million euro was paid to the member dairy farmers (2014: 277 million euro). This includes 226 million euro for the performance premium (2.25 euro per 100 kilo milk excluding VAT). The issuance of member bonds for 2015 amounts to 129 million euro (1.28 euro per 100 kilo milk excluding VAT). The performance premium and the issuance of member bonds per 100 kilo milk totally amount to 3.53 euro (2014: 2.93 euro), an increase by 20.5 percent. The milk price for the member dairy farmers for 2015 is 34.64 euro excluding VAT per 100 kilo milk. With respect to 2014 (42.70 euro) this is a decrease by 18.9 percent. See for a description of FrieslandCampina’s financial performance and profitability in 2015 the section ‘Report of the Executive Board’ on page 24 of the annual report 2015 or, for a quick overview, refer to the Key Figures.