Using our knowledge and experience to further develop local dairy farming in Asia and Africa

Dairy development in Asia and Africa

FrieslandCampina has been active in the world of dairy farming and dairy since 1871 and uses the knowledge and experience it has gained to bring about the further development of local dairy farming in Asia and Africa.

Southeast Asia and Africa

A considerable part of FrieslandCampina’s activities take place in Southeast Asia and Africa, in particular regions in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Nigeria. FrieslandCampina also wants to interest young people in farming as a profession by improving the future economic perspective and, by so doing, to respond to the rapid aging of the global farming community.

Dairy Development Programme

Via the Dairy Development Programme (DDP) FrieslandCampina is enabling local dairy farmers to run their businesses optimally and raise the quality and quantity of their dairy production. In this way FrieslandCampina is contributing towards the improvement of the social-economic position of farmers in Asia and Africa.

Monitoring the progress

In 2015 the primary focus will be on data collection and progress monitoring. FrieslandCampina is not only working on the automation of the milk reporting in Indonesia, in 2015 the Dutch Dairy Programme data collection will be further optimised in all five countries.

Global challenges

One of the three global challenges we face is the number of farmers in the world to produce the food we all need.

  • Interesting young people in farming as a profession by offering good prospects for the future and by so doing responding to fast-rising average age of farmers
  • Farmers must be able to achieve an income that is high enough to allow responsible business operations and the creation of a positive future for themselves and their children
  • Worldwide 750-900 million people depend on the dairy farming sector for their income

You can find more details in the FrieslandCampina CSR report or you can read more about the other three pilars of our CSR House by clicking on the pictures below.