Further develop dairy farms in specific countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe

Dairy Development Programme

FrieslandCampina has over 140 years of experience in the world of dairy farming and uses the knowledge gained to further develop dairy farms in specific countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe through, among others, the Dairy Development Programme (DDP). In this way, FrieslandCampina contributes to food security, more sustainable production of milk and raising the standards of living for dairy farmers in a number of focus countries. In order to achieve this, FrieslandCampina focuses in the Dairy Development Programme on sharing knowledge and expertise concerning the sector by means of training, knowledge partnerships and initiating and supporting projects aimed at improving the dairy farming infrastructure. The Dairy Development Programme supports local dairy farmers (mainly small farmers) in particular in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Russia, Romania and Nigeria to improve the quality of the milk, to increase the productivity per cow and to get access to the market.

Dairy Development Programme in 2015…

In 2015, local DDP teams trained 6,306 dairy farmers in subjects such as animal welfare, fertility, calf rearing, milk quality and hygiene, feed and water management, housing, data management and milking technology. As part of the Farmer2Farmer programme, eight Dutch dairy farmers trained and advised 286 colleagues from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Apart from this, 13 FrieslandCampina employees shared their knowledge about marketing, HR-management, finances, good governance and milk processing with over 20 dairy cooperatives in Asia and Africa. Additionally, FrieslandCampina organised 48 study trips to the Netherlands for 625 dairy experts from China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria. Learn more about Developing dairy zones in Vietnam.

… and 2017 and beyond

As from 2017, the progress of the Dairy Development Programme in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Nigeria will be measured based on three indicators, being the number of farmers that has followed a training programme, the productivity per cow and the average score on Good Dairy Farming Practices (GDFP). Reporting will be based on these indicators.

Dairy Development Programme at a glance

The infographic below is also available as a PDF document.