A look at the farm yard of our member dairy farmers

FrieslandCampina wants to lead with sustainability and we are proud of the high standards that our member dairy farmers set for a more sustainable dairy farm. What are our owners doing about sustainability at their farm and which sustainable initiatives are already in place?

Linda Groot Wassink, Project Manager Global Sustainability, will visit one of our member dairy farmers monthly to show you what sustainability at the farm yard is about.

Episode #4: Good care of the cows

In this episode Linda visits the dairy farm of the Kraakman family in Sint-Maartensbrug in Noord-Holland. His motto is: ‘if we take good care of the cow, the cow will take good care of us’. How does he make it as comfortable as possible for his cows? Linda figured it out in her new vlog.

Episode #3: Energy from manure

In this episode Linda visits the Van Poppel familiy in Molenschot in the province of Brabant, Netherlands. Apart from a cow farm, the family also produces green energy from manure. The energy is produced via manure mono-fermentation. Check out the video below to see how it works exactly.

Episode #2: A heated home thanks to milk

In this episode Linda visits the dairy farm of the Elshof family in Oldetrijne in the province of Friesland. Member dairy farmer Henk uses the warmth of the milk to heat his home and farm. He is off the gas network with that. But how does that work exactly? Linda checked it out.

Episode #1: Sustainability on the farm

In this episode Linda visits the dairy farm of Geert and Dineke in Holten. What are they doing about nature conservation and biodiversity and what could they tell us about special energy-saving measures at their farm?