A cow grazing in the meadow is part of the traditional Dutch landscape and highly appreciated by the people. FrieslandCampina encourages member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to put their cows and young cattle out into the meadows. FrieslandCampina promotes this by rewarding its member dairy farmers for outdoor grazing when their dairy cows graze in the meadows at least 120 days per year for a minimum of six hours per day. For this the member dairy farmers receive an outdoor grazing premium of gross 1.00 euro per 100 kg milk. Partly outdoor grazing is rewarded by FrieslandCampina with 0.46 euro per 100 kg milk. In order to be eligible for this, member dairy farmers must put a minimum of 25 percent of their cattle present at the farm out in the meadows for at least 120 days a year.

Outdoor grazing in 2015

The percentage of dairy farms in the Netherlands that had their cows graze in the meadows slightly increased to 77.9 percent in 2015 (2014: 77.2 percent). This put an end to the many years of dropping percentages of dairy farms applying (partly) outdoor grazing.

Range of meadow milk products

FrieslandCampina carries an extensive range of dairy products made from meadow milk. In this way, the company wants to enable consumers to make a conscious choice for meadow milk products and thus contribute towards the preservation of cows in the Dutch countryside.

Stichting Weidegang

Stichting Weidegang (Outdoor Grazing Foundation, Dutch website) was set up to promote the visibility of cows in the Dutch countryside. The foundation provides member dairy farmers with advice on outdoor grazing. To encourage outdoor grazing, farmers who meet certain conditions also receive a special outdoor grazing premium. FrieslandCampina is one of the initiators of Stichting Weidegang.