The world’s population is expected to have grown to over nine billion people by the year 2050. 70 percent of the people will live in large cities. Provision of food for this growing population is a huge challenge and has implications for people, animals as well as for the environment. How can sufficient affordable, nutritious food be produced? Fertile soil and clean drinking water are scarcities in many areas in the world and the pressure on the environment is only increasing. Even if the availability of soil and water is not a problem, will there still be enough farmers to produce our daily food? Will they be able to generate sufficient income to provide for themselves and their families? FrieslandCampina wants with its activities make a contribution to solving three global challenges.

The growing world population

  • Provide food for the world’s growing population
  • Availability of sufficient food rich of nutrients and energy and affordability of food for a wide range of population groups
  • Maintaining food safety and consumers’ trust

Enough farmers to grow food

  • Interest young people in the profession of farmer by offering good prospects for the future and, by doing so, respond to the fast rising average age of farmers
  • Farmers must be able to generate a high enough income to allow responsible business operations and creating a positive future for themselves and their children
  • 750 -900 million people are dependent on dairy farming for their income worldwide

Scarcity of natural resources

  • Respond to the increasing scarcity of land, water and other natural resources by producing more efficiently
  • Reduce the CO2 emission and make more use of renewable energy
  • Contribute to the preservation of biodiversity

The ultimate challenge is to provide people all over the world with the appropriate nutrients. Milk by nature contains essential nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals such as calcium. By offering reliable and tasty dairy products, FrieslandCampina makes a contribution to ensuring food and nutrients security. Here FrieslandCampina aims at limiting the pressure on natural resources and the environment.