Apart from providing a broad range of milk and milk products, FrieslandCampina also globally develops and supports education programmes about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. With these, we want to help and inspire people to make well-informed choices and integrate these into their daily lives. Our programmes are based on national dietary and physical activity guidelines. They involve partnerships with governments, universities and/or NGOs where appropriate. FrieslandCampina supports and develops education programmes for consumers, employees and health care professionals.


Several years ago FrieslandCampina started the Drink.Move.Be.Strong programme in South-east Asia. Through this education programme, we want to help parents and teachers make children aware of the importance of sufficient exercise, healthy nutrition and lifestyle. In Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam we have entered into a partnership with the Junior National Basketball Association (Jr NBA) who implements their physical activity programme. In 2016, the programme won the Gold Standard Award for Regional Corporate Citizenship in Asia.


In 2017, FrieslandCampina developed in cooperation with the Harokopio university of Athens an educational package to teach children how to eat more healthy and to be more active. This programme called Hercules is aimed at the age groups of six to twelve years and contains four modules, each around a specific theme. The programme is tested with permission of the Greek Ministry of Education in 63 classes at twelve different schools. The programme will be rolled out in 500 schools in Greece next year.

Gerakan Nusantara

The education programme Gerakan Nusantara has run in Indonesia for six years. The programme was developed in cooperation with the University of Jakarta, has been approved by the Ministry of Education and annually reaches over 600 schools with information about healthy nutrition and exercise.

Boest – education for employees

Boest is the vitality programme of FrieslandCampina aimed at improving the health and vitality of the employees. The programme starts with a health check to be followed by a number of short workshops about sleep, the pressure of work, stress, nutrition and exercise. After six months, the programme is completed with a second health check. The programme is currently available in the Netherlands and it has reached over 1500 employees since the year 2014.

FrieslandCampina Institute

The FrieslandCampina Institute provides nutrition and health care professionals scientific information, accredited education programs on scientific topics and practical tools on a wide variety of nutrition and health topics. We actively engage with governments, non-governmental organizations, scientists and nutrition & health professionals all over the world.