Better nutrition for the world,
A good living for our farmers
now and for generations to come

Better nutrition for the world

Dairy is an important part of daily nutrition for many people all over the world. With its high-quality milk and dairy products FrieslandCampina wants to make a contribution to food and nutrients security. Additionally, FrieslandCampina wants to help reduce the growing number of obese people, in particular children. FrieslandCampina does this by making high demands on the composition of its products, by providing education and information about healthy food and a healthy lifestyle and by making it easier for the consumer to choose for healthy food.

Better products, better nutrition

FrieslandCampina has paid ample attention to reducing the content of trans fat, added sugar and salt in products over the past five years. In order to accelerate this process and to facilitate a global approach, one global set of nutritional criteria for the various product groups of FrieslandCampina was developed in 2015. The criteria for trans fat, saturated fat, added sugar and salt were derived from the nutritional criteria of Choices International, drawn up by independent scientists. Since 2015, FrieslandCampina has also applied its own criteria for guaranteeing valuable and naturally present nutrients in (dairy) products and criteria for enrichment of products with essential nutrients. In 2016, a new monitoring system will be set up in order to be able to determine which products need adjustment to make them meet the criteria. FrieslandCampina will specifically focus on guaranteeing the monitoring process and the quality of the data. A pilot is planned for 2016.

Responsible marketing

FrieslandCampina has committed itself to responsible marketing with respect to children. This implies that advertising aimed at children up to 12 years old is only allowed for products that comply with the strict nutritional criteria, thus stimulating the choice for healthier food. The company rules for responsible marketing implemented in 2014 were further brought to the attention within the company in 2015. To this a transition period applies for countries outside Europe until the end of the year 2016. FrieslandCampina also participates in the related codes of conduct, such as the EU Pledge (voluntary arrangements of European food companies about advertising aimed at children).

Healthy lifestyle education

FrieslandCampina annually reaches millions of children around the world with information about a healthy diet and lifestyle. In Southeast Asia, FrieslandCampina works together with the Junior National Basketball Association on making children aware of the interest of sufficient (outside) sports and exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The campaign organised in cooperation with authorities and health professionals is titled Drink.Move.BeStrong and reaches children at schools in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Parents and children also receive information about a healthy diet and an active lifestyle through World Milk Day, school milk programmes, Goodness of Dairy campaigns, JOGG (young people at a healthy weight) and the National School Breakfast. As from 2016, all activities will be joined under Drink.Move.BeStrong, focused on exercise, information and reaching both children and parents as well as governments and non-governmental organisations.

Transparent nutritional values on labels

FrieslandCampina adjusted its standard for nutritional values on labels in 2014 in order to stimulate consumers to make healthier choices. This implies that, if possible in view of the size of the packaging, the energy logo is shown on the front of all consumer packaging of FrieslandCampina brands and, if applicable, the Choices logo as well. Additionally, the nutritional value table contains both information per 100 gram/ml and per serving as well as information about the contribution of the nutrients to the Dietary Reference Intake.