Better nutrition for the world,
A good living for our farmers
now and for generations to come


In 2015, FrieslandCampina updated its route2020 strategy in order to be able to better anticipate the rapid changes in the world and in dairy farming.

With this update of the route2020 strategy, FrieslandCampina formulated its purpose statement: nourishing by nature – better nutrition for the world, a good income for our farmers now and for generations to come. The route2020 strategy connects the daily activities and values that are important to FrieslandCampina. It gives guidance to the people involved and the operating processes through the entire chain. Sustainability is an important precondition for continuity. Therefore the policy with respect to corporate social responsibility and sustainability has been fully integrated into the updated route2020 strategy.

CSR strategy house

FrieslandCampina’s integrated CSR strategy consists of various elements that together form the CSR strategy house and embed CSR & sustainability within FrieslandCampina. The foundation of the CSR strategy house secures the CSR policy within FrieslandCampina.

Better nutrition for the world Good income for our farmers Now and in the future Foundation - Safeguarding our CSR policy

The three strategic pillars are derived from three global challenges:

Creating added-value in a sustainable and transparent way

The key to corporate social responsibility is the creation of added-value for both FrieslandCampina and society. This added-value can stem from new ways of thinking, new products, smarter production processes or cooperation with so-called non-government organisations (NGOs) and other stakeholders. The added-value becomes visible in financial value creation through development of new products or the strengthening of a relationship with customers. Social value can also be created by efforts aimed at improving health or combating undernourishment. FrieslandCampina’s CSR policy revolves around this shared value so that not only FrieslandCampina’s continuity is safeguarded, but also the health of people, animals, the environment and the future of dairy farming.

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