FrieslandCampina statement about halal cheese

The cheese production process (with the exception of herb cheese) of FrieslandCampina is halal-compliant. FrieslandCampina is an international dairy company that also exports to countries demanding halal-certified products. Obviously, we always comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Food safety, quality and animal welfare are high on our priority list. In the framework of standardisation and export, we have opted for one cheese production process. This standard production process makes use of halal-compliant ingredients, such as rennet. Halal is not mentioned on the cheese packaging in the Netherlands. For buyers who appreciate this, certified cheese can be supplied upon request.

The rennet that is used in the production of cheese is made from calves’ stomachs. In the Netherlands, slaughtering is subject to strict regulations and takes place under the supervision of the Netherlands Food and Consumer product Safety Authority (NVWA). Our suppliers slaughter in accordance with the guidelines of the GWWD (the Dutch law on animal health and welfare), which demand that animals are stunned before they are killed.

We would like to emphasise that as an international dairy company we respect all cultures, religions, values and norms of the countries in which we operate.