Direct causes Total Recordables 2017 YTD

No incident should happen twice.

We continuously monitor our Safety performance in order to learn from incidents happened. Over the past few years we have significantly decreased our Lost Time Accidents rate (LTA-rate).

*In the graph on the right, Other includes categories such as steam, hot water, chemicals, road safety & ergonomics.

In order to look even deeper into our incidents, we introduced Total Recordables in 2016; reporting of all injuries:

  • Lost Time Accidents (LTAs)
  • Restricted Work Cases (RWCs)
  • Medical Treatment Accidents (MTAs).

Lost Time Accident Trend

LTA-rate = # LTA* 200,000/Total Hours Worked

Total Recordables Frequency Rate

((#LTAs+#RWCs+#MTAs)*200.000)/total hours worked