We need to monitor, inspect and improve our processes continuously to avoid problems and minimise risks. Foqus outlines which standards and criteria have to be met for each link in the dairy chain. To check the effectiveness of all our concerted efforts, our laboratories intensively scrutinise the end and semi-finished products made in our production locations.

300 types of analyses

Our laboratories analyse semi-finished and end products made by our production locations as well as the ingredients used, besides our milk, such as fruit, starches, sugars or rennet. Most of the analyses concern microbiological research with which we can detect undesirable micro-organisms. We work with around 80 different types of microbiological analyses. We also inspect the samples of ingredients, semi-finished and end products to determine the accuracy of composition and the absence of contaminants, heavy metals and even radioactivity. We have more than 300 types of analyses at our disposal for this research.