Basic requirements are requirements each dairy farm has to adhere to at all times. These basic requirements relate to general hygiene, the quality and safety of milk, feed and water and animal health and animal welfare. The basic requirements are divided into four themes: business, cow, feed and milk.


A dairy farm should be tidy and clean. Manure, waste and hazardous substances (pesticides, plant protection products etc.) are stored, used and disposed of in such a way that poses no danger to the milk, feed, people and the environment. The Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment (Kringloopwijzer in Dutch) is used to work on the mineral efficiency of the dairy farm.

No growth enhancing substances!

Within the European Union, the use of BST and growth hormones is prohibited for animals of which the products can end up in the food chain. The production and quality control of raw milk is subject to extensive control programs. Via the Foqus planet program, every FrieslandCampina farm is checked for the use and presence of forbidden substances (such as BST). The use of animal medicines is also under strict control of the national authorities.


Generally, the basic requirements of the Cow theme are about health, welfare and housing of the animals and the responsible use of animal medicines, preventing resistance. The Foqus planet basic requirements provide additional information for animal health and welfare.


The Feed theme is about the quality of the feed and drinking water for the animals. The dairy farmers are only allowed to buy feed from companies certified according to the GMP+ scope responsible dairy (sustainable soja) and who are also part of an organization that guarantees the quality of the feed.


The Milk theme focusses on milk quality, the process of milking on the dairy farm, the hygiene of the storage of milk and the milking equipment. The analysis of the milk quality is done by an independent and specialized laboratory. It checks the milk components such as fat, protein and lactose and various other quality aspects.

Control of Foqus planet

Foqus planet and therefore animal health and welfare are controlled in three ways:

  • Frequent milk quality checks.
  • Continuous health checks.
  • An audit of the farm, every two years, both announced and unannounced.

These audits are done by an independent auditor. If the quality results are not good, extra audits will be done.