Quality begins at the farm, with ‘Foqus planet’

Customers are increasingly choosing on the basis of performance in terms of quality, transparency, sustainability and grazing. This starts at the farm and ends with the product. FrieslandCampina manages the whole production chain. From grass to glass. Producing the highest quality milk, brings the continuity that is so essential to the future of the dairy farm, the cooperative and the company.

Foqus planet details

The Foqus planet program is for all member dairy farmers, not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and Germany. Foqus planet has four main themes that are divided into three parts.

Foqus planet

  1. Basic requirements: requirements regarding hygiene, quality & safety of milk and animal health and welfare.
  2. Outdoor grazing: cows belong to the Dutch landscape and help FrieslandCampina to differentiate itself in the market. Full and part-time pasture grazing are rewarded with a premium.
  3. Sustainable development: six indicators make the sustainability at the farm transparent. Examples are energy consumption, health and longevity of cows and care for the landscape.


Member dairy farmers who score well within Foqus planet, are compensated. All members pay a Foqus planet surcharge to cover the cost of Foqus planet. The Foqus planet fee is paid for by a deduction from the milk price on the milk supplied in 2015 (0.25 euro per 100 liters of milk). Early 2016 the performance of the member dairy farmers on grazing cows and sustainability will be inventoried. A dairy farmer can recoup the surcharge (or even increase his milk price) by performing at least as well as his colleagues in the field of sustainability.

Together with the members

A company that is owned by a cooperative cannot just introduce a new quality program. This has to be done in consultation with the member farmers. In 2014, during meetings, focus groups, meetings with district council members and in the Council of Members the member dairy farmers decided on the new Foqus planet as it would be introduced on January 1, 2015. This thorough approach ensured that members are motivated and convinced of the usefulness and necessity of Foqus planet.