Artisanal and industrial bakeries, chocolate manufacturers and ice cream manufacturers can all choose from our broad range of butter, butter mixtures and milk fat fractions. The natural flavour and unique mouth feel of milk fat and butter do full justice to a wide range of foods such as biscuits, croissants, chocolate, and ice cream.

We aim to use milk fat to its full potential. Not only in terms of flavour and mouth feel, but also when it comes to giving structure to all sorts of foods. We have decades of experience in this – and like to share it with our customers, so that together we can respond optimally to their specific needs and circumstances.

Different melting points for milk fat fractions

Milk fat and butter have lots of potential uses. Milk fat, for instance, consists of different milk fat fractions. Each milk fat fraction has its own melting point. Knowledge and experience in this field are essential. The correct use of the right milk fat fractions improves food production processes. It also ensures that milk fat makes the best possible contribution to the various properties of the end products. For instance, milk fat fractions with different melting temperatures give you the right mouth feel when you are eating products made of puff pastry.

Composition of milk fat

Butter is butter, but not all butter is the same. The composition of milk fat differs according to the season. These differences stem from the effects of the grass, the transportation of the cattle and the weather on the composition of the milk and milk fat.

In addition, throughout the year we have milk fat that comes from several hundreds of FrieslandCampina dairy farmers who give their cows a special diet in combination with pasture grazing. As a result, the fat in this milk has a different composition from that of our other milk all year round. This creates opportunities for new applications by professional and industrial customers.