FrieslandCampina Vietnam

Our products have been available in Vietnam under the Dutch Lady brand for more than 85 years. What started in 1924 with the sale of the first packs of condensed milk has now grown to be the best known consumer brand in Vietnam.

Vietnamese consumers enjoy our products on a daily basis. The Dutch Lady brand has a range of dairy products for the entire family. From powdered milk to whole milk, and from yoghurt and yoghurt drinks to sweetened condensed milk. When it comes to infant and children’s nutrition, Friso is market leader in Vietnam.

Our operating company FrieslandCampina Vietnam has two production locations (Ha Nam and Binh Duong). A portion of the milk we use is supplied by local farmers. Each day they bring the milk to the collection points which is then taken to a cool centre. Within three hours the milk arrives at the factory. We not only process the milk into dairy products but also help local farmers improve and increase their milk production by, for instance, advising on matters of hygiene. Such efforts help to constantly improve the quality of the milk supplied.