FrieslandCampina Thailand

In Thailand, everyone young and old is familiar with the products of Foremost. This main brand, which has been around for fifty years, is deeply rooted in Thai society. At first, Foremost was largely renowned as an ice cream manufacturer, but after 1992 the focus shifted to milk and other dairy products. Foremost is the brand of our operating company FrieslandCampina Thailand which is a division of our business group Consumer Products International.

Wide range of products

The Foremost brand boasts a wide range of products with strong positions in long life milk, fresh milk and yoghurt drinks. The market share for milk for children aged 2 to 5 has grown strongly. The same applies to the health enhancing yoghurt drink segment, in which Foremost is active alongside Betagen. Betagen is the brand of our joint venture with Betagen Thailand. Although FrieslandCampina Thailand and Betagen Thailand do compete, they also cooperate within FrieslandCampina.

Office and production location

FrieslandCampina Thailand operates from the capital city Bangkok. The products come from our production location not far from there in the Samut Prakarn province. The milk we process at this location comes from local farmers and local cooperatives. Via FrieslandCampina Export, FrieslandCampina Thailand also imports products, primarily milk powder and evaporated milk, from the Netherlands among others places.

From its base in Thailand, FrieslandCampina is now also making inroads into neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Bangladesh.