FrieslandCampina Russia

Infant nutrition, cheese, fruit yoghurt… FrieslandCampina serves Russian consumers and professional clients with a wide range of products. Our activities have resulted in strong positions in Russia.

Our operating company FrieslandCampina Russia works from Moscow and has a production location in Stupino, around a hundred kilometres to the south of the capital. A sophisticated distribution system ensures our dairy products are available throughout the country. The Campina Fruttis spoonable fruit yoghurts are particularly popular and yoghurt drinks under this brand are also available. Other brands in Russia are Campina Neznhy, Campina (milk, coffee creamer and yoghurt drinks, among others).

Frico and Friso brands

Russian consumers know our cheeses under the Frico brand and infant nutrition as Friso. Cheese and infant nutrition products are imported from the Netherlands.