FrieslandCampina Indonesia

FrieslandCampina has been present in Indonesia for nearly 90 years. With a population of 240 million, Indonesia is one of the world’s most populous countries. Dairy is a major part of a healthy diet. Our operating company FrieslandCampina Indonesia satisfies this requirement through a variety of dairy brands, such as Frisian Flag, Yes! and Omela.

Two productions facilities

FrieslandCampina has two production facilities in Indonesia, both in the capital Jakarta. FrieslandCampina Indonesia employs 1,750 fulltime staff and a further 2,000 personnel who are directly involved with the company. Locally manufactured products include milk powder, longlife milk and sweetened condensed milk.

600 million litres of milk per year

FrieslandCampina Indonesia processes 600 million litres of milk a year, some of which is supplied by local dairy farmers. FrieslandCampina maintains close contacts with these farmers, who work together in small cooperatives and have an average of three to five cows each. Every day, these farmers take their milk churns to one of several hundred small milk collection points. From here, the milk is taken to the cooperatives. Once it has been quality checked, it is transported to the factories in large tankers. FrieslandCampina helps the cooperatives and the dairy farmers to improve the quality of their fresh milk, for example through better hygiene and the provision of high-grade animal feed.

Large consumer market

FrieslandCampina Indonesia has a strong focus on health and a balanced diet. Over half of the Indonesian population is below the age of 35. Many families have young children, which creates a large consumer market. Baby and infant food account for a high proportion of this market and are a safe and healthy form of nutrition for the country’s youngest citizens.