FrieslandCampina Hellas

With a wide range of dairy products under the NoyNoy brand name, FrieslandCampina is firmly established on the Greek dairy market. These products vary from ready to drink milk and branded cheese to yoghurt, infant nutrition and culinary cream. NoyNoy is the largest dairy brand in Greece.

Since 1929

NoyNoy has been available in Greece since 1929, when the first sweetened, thickened milk was exported from the Netherlands. NoyNoy brand awareness is at a staggering 100 per cent. The range of NoyNoy products has grown considerably over the years. Now there is a selection of light products, long life milk for the whole family, different types of cheese and special milk for children. AndCalci Plus of course: a milk product that counteracts osteoporosis. In addition, NoyNoy has developed its own nutritional system, aligned to the needs of children.

Dutch milk

Almost all NoyNoy products are made from Dutch milk, with the exception of one: Greek yoghurt. The milk for this yoghurt is produced at seven farms in Greece that apply the same high quality standards as all other FrieslandCampina dairy farms.