FrieslandCampina Germany

German consumers know FrieslandCampina from a variety of brands. The authentic tasty dairy from Landliebe, for example, or the sweet Puddis desserts, Chocomel (chocolate drink), and of course Optiwell, with an assortment of yoghurts and desserts containing little fat and sugar. In addition to nationally available brands, there are also several regional brands with a wide product range. Good examples are Tuffi (in North Rhine-Westphalia) and Südmilch (Baden-Württemberg). The operating company FrieslandCampina Germany is responsible for all these brands.

Supermarkets and out of  home

The brands and products of FrieslandCampina Germany are available in supermarkets throughout Germany. Products are also supplied to the out of home segment. And with Landliebe, we are the most important supplier of school milk in Germany.

The brands and products operated by FrieslandCampina Germany are virtually all made in Germany. Landliebe products are made from milk produced by Landliebe farmers, to whom extra quality criteria apply. Landliebe milk is collected and processed separately.