FrieslandCampina Foodservice

Have you recently enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant or a refreshing ice cream while holidaying somewhere in Europe? Chances are these delicacies were prepared with products from FrieslandCampina Foodservice. This operating company supplies products to professional users such as bakers, confectioners, cooks and ice cream makers in a large number of European countries.

Brands for professionals

Debic, Hollandia, Polderland and Campina Professional are brand names that most consumers are not familiar with. For professionals, however, they represent indispensable products for use in their kitchens or bakeries. Products such as cream, mixes for ice cream and milkshakes, desserts, fillings and sauces and special butters. High quality products that offer greater convenience and leave enough room for individual creativity.

FrieslandCampina Foodservice

FrieslandCampina Foodservice is part of FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Europe, Africa & Middle East and has a wide range of ingredients and semi-finished products for professional processors, varying from traditional processing to the food industry. The company has production plants and also sales points in Belgium, France and the Netherlands as well as sales locations in Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and several countries in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic). FrieslandCampina Foodservice also works with companies in Portugal and Spain.

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