FrieslandCampina Consumer products Europe, Middle East and Africa

FrieslandCampina’s products are widely available throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa where millions of consumers enjoy them each day. They are also used by culinary professionals for their recipes.

Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) is one of FrieslandCampina’s four business groups. Each business unit consists of several operating companies. The operating companies from Consumer Products EMEA are active in Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Their ‘home base’ is in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, but they also have production outlets in France, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Nigeria, as well as sales offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Middle East.

FrieslandCampina Foodservice caters for professional customers, is part of the same business group.

Range of products

Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa makes an extensive range of products, from liquid milk and dairy-based drinks to yoghurts, evaporated milk, desserts, coffee creamers and cream. The business group also makes fruit juices and drinks. Its products are sold in supermarkets and in the out of home market, such as petrol stations, kiosks and company restaurants. The brands are widely known and universally enjoyed in the countries where they are marketed. Brand names include Campina, Chocomel/Cecémel, Fruttis, Landliebe, Milli, Mona, NoyNoy,Optimel/Optiwell, Peak and Rainbow.

Innovation centre

Consumer Products Europe, Middle East & Africa has its own innovation centre in Wageningen (the Netherlands), where it develops and improves (new) products and packaging. The company’s innovation department is part of its Research & Development unit. Alongside product development, R&D also carries out basic research on dairy and health.

  • FrieslandCampina Branded NL

    Dairy and the Netherlands go hand in hand. The daily fresh dairy products that appear on the table in Dutch households are usually from FrieslandCampina Dagvers. As the best selling brand in daily fresh dairy, almost everyone in the Netherlands knows Campina.

    Available everywhere

    The daily fresh milk, custard or yoghurt in the supermarket, organic dairy products, school milk or fresh dairy products from the kiosk: everywhere you go in the Netherlands you will find FrieslandCampina Dagvers products. The most well-known brand is Campina. The Zuiver Zuivel brand stands for FrieslandCampina Dagvers’ organic dairy products available in whole food shops.

    Four markets

    FrieslandCampina Dagvers is active in the Netherlands only and serves four markets. Retail (supermarkets), out of home channels (such as kiosks and petrol stations), sales channels for organic dairy and primary schools. Thousands of schools subscribe to Campina At School (Campina Op School) that offers school milk and fruit.

  • FrieslandCampina Germany

    German consumers know FrieslandCampina from a variety of brands. The authentic tasty dairy from Landliebe, for example, or the sweet Puddis desserts, Domo Langlecker (long life milk), Chocomel (chocolate drink), and of course Optiwell, with a wide-ranging assortment of dairy drinks, yoghurts and desserts containing little fat and sugar. In addition to nationally available brands, there are also several regional brands with a wide product range. Good examples are Tuffi (in North Rhine-Westphalia), Mark Brandenburg (in the east of Germany) and Südmilch (Baden-Württemberg). The operating company FrieslandCampina Germany is responsible for all these brands.

    Supermarkets and out of  home

    The brands and products of FrieslandCampina Germany are available in supermarkets throughout Germany. Products are also supplied to the out of home segment.
    And with Landliebe, we are the most important supplier of school milk in Germany.

    The brands and products operated by FrieslandCampina Germany are virtually all made in Germany. Landliebe products are made from milk produced by Landliebe farmers, to whom extra quality criteria apply. Landliebe milk is collected and processed separately.

  • FrieslandCampina Hellas

    With a wide range of dairy products under the NoyNoy brand name, FrieslandCampina is firmly established on the Greek dairy market. These products vary from ready to drink milk and branded cheese to yoghurt, infant nutrition and culinary cream. NoyNoy is the largest dairy brand in Greece.

    Since 1929

    NoyNoy has been available in Greece since 1929, when the first sweetened, thickened milk was exported from the Netherlands. NoyNoy brand awareness is at a staggering 100 per cent. The range of NoyNoy products has grown considerably over the years. Now there is a selection of light products, long life milk for the whole family, different types of cheese and special milk for children. AndCalci Plus of course: a milk product that counteracts osteoporosis. In addition, NoyNoy has developed its own nutritional system, aligned to the needs of children.

    Dutch milk

    Almost all NoyNoy products are made from Dutch milk, with the exception of one: Greek yoghurt. The milk for this yoghurt is produced at seven farms in Greece that apply the same high quality standards as all other FrieslandCampina dairy farms.

  • FrieslandCampina Hungary

    Thanks to its strong brands, FrieslandCampina is the dairy leader in Hungary. Brands such as Pöttyös, Milli, Completa and Optiwell are widely known to its ten million inhabitants. Our operating company FrieslandCampina Hungary has its own production locations throughout the country as well as head offices in Budapest.

    Popular dairy snack Pöttyös Túró Rudi

    A typically Hungarian product is the popular dairy snack Pöttyös Túró Rudi. It is made with fresh quark in a layer of chocolate and, depending on the variety, a fruit filling. Pöttyös is available in all kinds of packaging and, in addition to the plain variety, there are also nut cream, strawberry and apricot filled versions. The success of this snack is not limited to Hungary; it is also available in other countries under the name Dots.

    Milli is another strong brand

    Milli is a strong and growing dairy brand in Hungary. Since 2005, various products such as butter, cream, chocolate milk, yoghurt drinks and desserts have been marketed under this brand. Millia Mia is the brand for delicious pudding, while consumers who prefer low-fat dairy products can opt for Optiwell yoghurt (drink). The coffee creamer Completa is also used by Hungarian consumers.

  • FrieslandCampina Romania

    The dairy market in Romania is developing at a rapid pace. FrieslandCampina is making progress in this market with a number of different brands, aimed at a wide range of target groups. The Milli brand offers a large range of dairy products. Other brands are Oké and Napolact. The dairy snack Dots is also popular.

    Milli largest brand

    As is the case in Hungary, Milli is a strong and leading brand in Romania. Milli boasts a wide range of products; from desserts, butter and cream to chocolate milk, yoghurt drinks and puddings. The dairy snack Dots, which made its way to Romania from Hungary, is also a favourite. The snack is made with fresh quark in a layer of chocolate and also comes in a fruit-filled variety.

    FrieslandCampina is sensitive to the fact that dairy is expensive for Romanians. In addition to Milli there are two other brands, the local Napolact and the budget brand Oké. Completa coffee creamer, known to Dutch consumers, is also available.

    Our operating company FrieslandCampina Romania has seventeen small sales offices, distributed throughout the country. FrieslandCampina has one production location in Romania.

  • FrieslandCampina Russia

    Infant nutrition, cheese, fruit yoghurt… FrieslandCampina serves Russian consumers and professional clients with a wide range of products. Our activities have resulted in strong positions in Russia.

    Our operating company FrieslandCampina Russia works from Moscow and has a production location in Stupino, around a hundred kilometres to the south of the capital. A sophisticated distribution system ensures our dairy products are available throughout the country. The Campina Fruttis spoonable fruit yoghurts are particularly popular and yoghurt drinks under this brand are also available. Other brands in Russia are Campina Neznhy, Campina (milk, coffee creamer and yoghurt drinks, among others).

    Frico and Friso brands

    Russian consumers know our cheeses under the Frico brand and infant nutrition as Friso. Cheese and infant nutrition products are imported from the Netherlands.

  • FrieslandCampina Branded Belgium

    FrieslandCampina is a major dairy player in Belgium. Belgians drink our Campina and Joyvalle milk at breakfast, add it to their coffee and use it for cooking. Between meals they enjoy Cécémel and fruity yoghurt drinks. And as Belgians take their food to heart, they use a lot of cream in dishes. This adds flavour to food, for instance as a sauce to accompany meat. And in the summer, our vanilla ice cream is also extremely popular. FrieslandCampina coffee creamers and foamers are popular among restaurant and catering establishments and can also be found in many households. Campina cream is a household name among consumers and professionals are familiar with our Debic products. Our cheeses and butters are also widely available in Belgium.

    Production locations

    FrieslandCampina has production locations in Aalter (milk and dairy drinks, coffee creamer), Sleidinge (dairy drinks), Bornem (dairy drinks) and Lummen (cream specialities, for both professional users as well as consumers). The milk we process in Belgium is produced by local suppliers and several dozen local member dairy farmers.

    Local and export

    The dairy we produce in Belgium is of course intended for the Belgian market. But we also export quite a lot to the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, for example, as well as to other European countries. We have various offices in Belgium that support our activities there. Meanwhile, our operating company FrieslandCampina Professional, which is also active in various other European countries, has its offices in Lummen.

  • FrieslandCampina Foodservice

    Have you recently enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant or a refreshing ice cream while holidaying somewhere in Europe? Chances are these delicacies were prepared with products from FrieslandCampina Foodservice. This operating company supplies products to professional users such as bakers, confectioners, cooks and ice cream makers in a large number of European countries.

    Brands for professionals

    Debic, Hollandia, Polderland and Campina Professional are brand names that most consumers are not familiar with. For professionals, however, they represent indispensable products for use in their kitchens or bakeries. Products such as cream, mixes for ice cream and milkshakes, desserts, fillings and sauces and special butters. High quality products that offer greater convenience and leave enough room for individual creativity.

    FrieslandCampina Foodservice

    FrieslandCampina Foodservice is part of FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Europe, Africa & Middle East and has a wide range of ingredients and semi-finished products for professional processors, varying from traditional processing to the food industry. The company has production plants and also sales points in Belgium, France and the Netherlands as well as sales locations in Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and several countries in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic). FrieslandCampina Foodservice also works with companies in Portugal and Spain.

    Visit the website FrieslandCampina Foodservice.

  • FrieslandCampina UK

    In the United Kingdom, FrieslandCampina is primarily known for Yazoo. This flavoured milk is highly popular among children and more than half of British kids drink Yazoo on a regular basis. But the dairy drink is finding increasing favour among adults too. We are also an important supplier of yoghurts and desserts, which are available at the UK’s major supermarket chains.

    Yazoo is produced in Belgium. The yoghurts and desserts are manufactured by our production locations in Germany.

    FrieslandCampina has a sales office in the United Kingdom for dairy drinks, yoghurts and desserts that forms part of our business group Consumer Products Europe. We also have three sales offices in the United Kingdom for ingredients used in the food industry.

  • FrieslandCampina Retail Brands Europe

    Stationsplein 4
    3818LE Amersfoort, Nederland

    T +31 33 713 33 33

  • FrieslandCampina Middle East

    Dairy is an important part of the diet in most countries in the Middle East, although consumer preferences differ from country to country. FrieslandCampina Middle East serves consumers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen.

    Wide range of products

    We have been active in the Middle East – one of the world’s leading dairy markets – for several decades now. Consumers in the seven Gulf states have a broad range of dairy products to choose from in their supermarkets. These include butter oil, cream and condensed milk, as well as cheese, yoghurt, desserts, longlife milk and dairy-based drinks. Sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk is imported from the Netherlands and is popular in the many tea houses in the Gulf states. In addition to Rainbow, we also carry the brands Omela and Coast for milk powder in the Middle East.

  • FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria

    For consumers in Nigeria, the Peak brand is synonymous with milk. Peak is the brand of our operating company FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria, in which we work with local partners. FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria sells evaporated milk and powder, and processes milk powder which is largely imported from the Netherlands.

    Located in the capital city Lagos, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria processes a considerable amount of milk powder. Its products ultimately find their way to consumers via an extensive distribution network and open markets.

    Peak evaporated milk and powder

    FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria sells evaporated milk and powder under the brand name Peak, which has been a symbol of quality for fifty years. Peak enjoys extensive brand awareness, and brand loyalty is also high. The Peak products contain important vitamins and nutrients and are therefore beneficial to health. The range has recently been expanded to include evaporated (liquid) milk in sachets – a technological breakthrough.

    Affordable products

    The affordability of dairy is an important concern in Nigeria. Only a small group of Nigerians can regularly afford to buy dairy. Many Peak products are therefore available in small packages, making them affordable for the lower income groups. FrieslandCampina also has a second dairy brand, Three Crowns, which is aimed as these population groups.


    FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria is a collaboration between Royal FrieslandCampina and local partners.

  • FrieslandCampina Africa

    FrieslandCampina West Africa Ltd.

    No. 10 Ridge Street
    Roman Ridge, Accra, Ghana

    P.O. Box CT 4478
    Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

    T +233 302 760 433

  • FrieslandCampina West Africa
  • FrieslandCampina Ivory Coast

    FrieslandCampina Ivory Coast S.A.

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    01 BP 3342 ABIDJAN 01, Abidjan

    T +225 23 53 07 55
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  • FrieslandCampina Egypt Consulting and Trading