FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Asia

The business group FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Asia consists of operating companies that are active in the consumer products segment in Asia. FrieslandCampina has acquired excellent positions in many countries with strong brands and a wide range of products.

Long and rich history

These activities have a long and rich history. The export of dairy from Western Europe began back in the 1920s. The range of long shelf life products has expanded significantly: from milk powder, condensed milk, infant and children’s nutrition to dairy drinks, yoghurts and desserts. The operating company FrieslandCampina Export taps into new markets; these days we supply our dairy from Western Europe to some 80 countries. Independent operating companies can be found in all the locations where FrieslandCampina has a permanent presence.

Active in many countries in Asia

FrieslandCampina has operating companies in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong. In several countries, production often takes place locally on the basis of regionally produced milk. But the operating companies also sell products we produce in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

In Asia we market brands that have acquired strong positions. Dutch Lady is legendary in Malaysia and Vietnam, Foremost is a leading brand in Thailand, Frisian Flag is widely known in Indonesia.

  • Alaska Milk Corporation

    Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) is one of the largest dairy companies in the Philippines and listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. Alaska is the leading player in the Philippine milk industry. For over thirty years it has displayed strong growth, consistent brand leadership in the canned liquid milk category and a strong and growing position in powdered milk. It has also expanded into higher value-added milk products, particularly in the Ready-to-Drink milk category.

    Visit the Alaska Milk Corporation website

  • Engro Foods (Pakistan)
  • FrieslandCampina Hong Kong

    As is the case in many other countries in Asia, FrieslandCampina has a long history in Hong Kong. For over 70 years we have been selling dairy in this Asian metropolis. Friso’s infant nutrition is highly regarded and Black & White evaporated milk is very popular in the city’s many tea houses.

    Not just available in tea houses

    But our products are sold well beyond tea houses. FrieslandCampina brands are well-represented in supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Dairy in Hong Kong was traditionally consumed by infants, toddlers and pregnant women. Slowly but surely, however, dairy consumption is gaining ground among the inhabitants of this densely populated city of seven million.

    Sales office

    FrieslandCampina has a sales office in Hong Kong and imports products from our production locations in Malaysia and the Netherlands.

  • FrieslandCampina Indonesia

    FrieslandCampina has been present in Indonesia for nearly 90 years. With a population of 240 million, Indonesia is one of the world’s most populous countries. Dairy is a major part of a healthy diet. Our operating company FrieslandCampina Indonesia satisfies this requirement through a variety of dairy brands, such as Frisian Flag, Yes! and Omela.

    Two productions facilities

    FrieslandCampina has two production facilities in Indonesia, both in the capital Jakarta. FrieslandCampina Indonesia employs 1,750 fulltime staff and a further 2,000 personnel who are directly involved with the company. Locally manufactured products include milk powder, longlife milk and sweetened condensed milk.

    600 million litres of milk per year

    FrieslandCampina Indonesia processes 600 million litres of milk a year, some of which is supplied by local dairy farmers. FrieslandCampina maintains close contacts with these farmers, who work together in small cooperatives and have an average of three to five cows each. Every day, these farmers take their milk churns to one of several hundred small milk collection points. From here, the milk is taken to the cooperatives. Once it has been quality checked, it is transported to the factories in large tankers. FrieslandCampina helps the cooperatives and the dairy farmers to improve the quality of their fresh milk, for example through better hygiene and the provision of high-grade animal feed.

    Large consumer market

    FrieslandCampina Indonesia has a strong focus on health and a balanced diet. Over half of the Indonesian population is below the age of 35. Many families have young children, which creates a large consumer market. Baby and infant food account for a high proportion of this market and are a safe and healthy form of nutrition for the country’s youngest citizens.

  • FrieslandCampina Malaysia


    FrieslandCampina has a broad portfolio in Malaysia, in which the Dutch Lady brand plays an important part. Fifty years ago, Dutch Lady launched sweetened condensed milk on the market. Now the brand has a wide range of products for growing children, teenagers and adults.

    A key segment is infant and children’s nutrition, available under the Friso and Dutch Lady brands. Growing Up Milk (GUM) for children aged 1 to 6 has a particularly large market in Asia. The GUM is largely produced locally, but we import infant nutrition and milk powder from the Netherlands as well.

    In Malaysia, we also manufacture sterilised and UHT milk; another important market segment. Sweetened, condensed milk, formerly imported from the Netherlands, is now also locally produced. Moreover, the company is growing thanks to the production of fresh milk products under the Dutch Lady, Shine and YES brands.


  • FrieslandCampina Myanmar
  • FrieslandCampina Singapore

    FrieslandCampina has no production facilities in Singapore. That is why we import our products from FrieslandCampina Malaysia and the Netherlands. We offer a  wide range of products in Singapore, from infant nutrition to long shelf life milk and fresh milk.

  • FrieslandCampina Thailand

    In Thailand, everyone young and old is familiar with the products of Foremost. This main brand, which has been around for fifty years, is deeply rooted in Thai society. At first, Foremost was largely renowned as an ice cream manufacturer, but after 1992 the focus shifted to milk and other dairy products. Foremost is the brand of our operating company FrieslandCampina Thailand which is a division of our business group Consumer Products International.

    Wide range of products

    The Foremost brand boasts a wide range of products with strong positions in long life milk, fresh milk and yoghurt drinks. The market share for milk for children aged 2 to 5 has grown strongly. The same applies to the health enhancing yoghurt drink segment, in which Foremost is active alongside Betagen. Betagen is the brand of our joint venture with Betagen Thailand. Although FrieslandCampina Thailand and Betagen Thailand do compete, they also cooperate within FrieslandCampina.

    Office and production location

    FrieslandCampina Thailand operates from the capital city Bangkok. The products come from our production location not far from there in the Samut Prakarn province. The milk we process at this location comes from local farmers and local cooperatives. Via FrieslandCampina Export, FrieslandCampina Thailand also imports products, primarily milk powder and evaporated milk, from the Netherlands among others places.

    From its base in Thailand, FrieslandCampina is now also making inroads into neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Bangladesh.

  • FrieslandCampina Vietnam

    Our products have been available in Vietnam under the Dutch Lady brand for more than 85 years. What started in 1924 with the sale of the first packs of condensed milk has now grown to be the best known consumer brand in Vietnam.

    Vietnamese consumers enjoy our products on a daily basis. The Dutch Lady brand has a range of dairy products for the entire family. From powdered milk to whole milk, and from yoghurt and yoghurt drinks to sweetened condensed milk. When it comes to infant and children’s nutrition, Friso is market leader in Vietnam.

    Our operating company FrieslandCampina Vietnam has two production locations (Ha Nam and Binh Duong). A portion of the milk we use is supplied by local farmers. Each day they bring the milk to the collection points which is then taken to a cool centre. Within three hours the milk arrives at the factory. We not only process the milk into dairy products but also help local farmers improve and increase their milk production by, for instance, advising on matters of hygiene. Such efforts help to constantly improve the quality of the milk supplied.