FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Asia

The business group FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Asia consists of operating companies that are active in the consumer products segment in Asia. FrieslandCampina has acquired excellent positions in many countries with strong brands and a wide range of products.

Long and rich history

These activities have a long and rich history. The export of dairy from Western Europe began back in the 1920s. The range of long shelf life products has expanded significantly: from milk powder, condensed milk, infant and children’s nutrition to dairy drinks, yoghurts and desserts. The operating company FrieslandCampina Export taps into new markets; these days we supply our dairy from Western Europe to some 80 countries. Independent operating companies can be found in all the locations where FrieslandCampina has a permanent presence.

Active in many countries in Asia

FrieslandCampina has operating companies in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong. In several countries, production often takes place locally on the basis of regionally produced milk. But the operating companies also sell products we produce in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

In Asia we market brands that have acquired strong positions. Dutch Lady is legendary in Malaysia and Vietnam, Foremost is a leading brand in Thailand, Frisian Flag is widely known in Indonesia.