FrieslandCampina Consumer Dairy

The business group Consumer Dairy offers consumers a wealth of high-quality, delicious and nutritious dairy products containing valuable nutrients from milk. Dairy products make up an important part of the daily diets of large population groups around the world. Consumer Dairy sells milk, yoghurt, condensed milk, dairy-based beverages, cheese, butter, cream and many more products to consumers in European, Asian, and African countries under major brands such as Frisian Flag (Indonesia), Dutch Lady (Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore) Alaska (the Philippines) Peak (Nigeria), Foremost (Thailand), Rainbow (Middle East), Campina (the Netherlands), and many more leading brands. Moreover, we produce retailer brands for our retail partners.

Professional customers

For our professional customers, including bakeries, chefs and pastry cooks, we offer a broad range of products for them to prepare delicious food experiences. This range includes cream and cream dishes, whipped cream in spray cans, butter specialities and fillings under the brand names Debic and other brands. We also offer foamy milk solutions for the perfect latte, under the brand name Lattiz.