FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder

FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & MilkpowderOur products enter people’s lives in many different forms and at many different moments; they range from the tasty block of cheese you can enjoy as a snack to your daily sandwich filling. Other forms include butter oil for the chocolate industry, milk fat for infant nutrition and smart cheese combinations with the right consistency and melting temperature for use in pizza toppings. Our products are endlessly versatile and contribute to a naturally nutritious life based on delicious food.

High quality

At FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder we make and sell high quality cheese, butter and milk powder with the greatest of care. We export pure Dutch milk products on behalf of FrieslandCampina to over 100 countries worldwide.

Wide variety

Our product range comprises a wide variety of Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, foil and mozzarella cheeses, both as whole cheeses and in prepacked pieces and slices, different types of butter and milk powders.

Main brands of Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder

Our main brands include Frico, Kroon, A Dutch Masterpiece and Royal Hollandia. We also manufacture Noord-Hollandse Gouda (cheese). The European Union awarded this cheese with the Protected Designation of Origin. In addition, Gouda Holland cheese has been recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication. A quality label which guarantees that Gouda Holland cheese is made from Dutch milk, prepared according to ancient recipes.

We produce butter for consumers under the brands Campina Botergoud, Landliebe, Frau Antje and Frico. We also produce spreadable butter, herb butters and convenience products for frying and roasting.
For the industrial and professional market, we produce butter, butter products and milk fat fractions under the Campina brand. Read more on the website of Campina Industrial Butter Specialties.

As a business group, our mission is clear: to proceed from the core of FrieslandCampina to the heart of the customer. And to the heart of our work.