FrieslandCampina Butter

Around the world, butter is valued by consumers as well as professional and industrial processors for its natural qualities: for the flavour as well as the properties of butter and milk fat fractions when preparing a variety of foods. Our operating company FrieslandCampina Butter active in the development, production and sale of butter in consumer packaging as well as butter, butter oil and milk fat fractions for professional and industrial clients.

400 million kilos

We have decades of experiences in the production of milk fat and can count on a continuous flow of high-quality cream, most of which comes from our member dairy farmers’ milk. Each year, we process over 400 million kilos of cream into butter and butter products.
‘Milk fat’ is the umbrella term for a range of milk fat fractions with varying properties. We apply the knowledge we develop to consumer and butter products for professional and industrial clients. They, in turn, process our milk fats into such items as bakery and ice cream products as well as chocolate.

Consumers and B2B

You will find our various butter products, in consumer packaging, in numerous countries, both in Europe and beyond, under such brands as Campina Botergoud and Landliebe. We work with our own sales organisations in a select number of countries while in many others, both in Europe and elsewhere, we operate via our distributors. We also work with distributors who repackage our butter into smaller packets.

Our butter specialties and milk fat fractions make their way to professional and industrial clients around the world.