FrieslandCampina Branded NL

Dairy and the Netherlands go hand in hand. The daily fresh dairy products that appear on the table in Dutch households are usually from FrieslandCampina Dagvers. As the best selling brand in daily fresh dairy, almost everyone in the Netherlands knows Campina.

Available everywhere

The daily fresh milk, custard or yoghurt in the supermarket, organic dairy products, school milk or fresh dairy products from the kiosk: everywhere you go in the Netherlands you will find FrieslandCampina Dagvers products. The most well-known brand is Campina. The Zuiver Zuivel brand stands for FrieslandCampina Dagvers’ organic dairy products available in whole food shops.

Four markets

FrieslandCampina Dagvers is active in the Netherlands only and serves four markets. Retail (supermarkets), out of home channels (such as kiosks and petrol stations), sales channels for organic dairy and primary schools. Thousands of schools subscribe to Campina At School (Campina Op School) that offers school milk and fruit.