FrieslandCampina Branded Belgium

FrieslandCampina is a major dairy player in Belgium. Belgians drink our Campina and Joyvalle milk at breakfast, add it to their coffee and use it for cooking. Between meals they enjoy Cécémel and fruity yoghurt drinks. And as Belgians take their food to heart, they use a lot of cream in dishes. This adds flavour to food, for instance as a sauce to accompany meat. And in the summer, our vanilla ice cream is also extremely popular. FrieslandCampina coffee creamers and foamers are popular among restaurant and catering establishments and can also be found in many households. Campina cream is a household name among consumers and professionals are familiar with our Debic products. Our cheeses and butters are also widely available in Belgium.

Production locations

FrieslandCampina has production locations in Aalter (milk and dairy drinks, coffee creamer), Sleidinge (dairy drinks), Bornem (dairy drinks) and Lummen (cream specialities, for both professional users as well as consumers). The milk we process in Belgium is produced by local suppliers and several dozen local member dairy farmers.

Local and export

The dairy we produce in Belgium is of course intended for the Belgian market. But we also export quite a lot to the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, for example, as well as to other European countries. We have various offices in Belgium that support our activities there. Meanwhile, our operating company FrieslandCampina Professional, which is also active in various other European countries, has its offices in Lummen.