Friesland Foods withdraws Chinese mik from Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau

22 September 2008

Friesland Foods withdraws Chinese milk in plastic from shelves in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau out of precaution

On Saturday 20 September Friesland Foods has, out of precaution, withdrawn in China produced sterilized milk in plastic bottles from the market in Singapore, Hong Kong en Macau and informed the consumers not to consume these products.

The products were sold under the brandname Dutch Lady. The products are produced in China and meanwhile the sourcing of the products have been stopped. Friesland Foods has a 5 percent interest in this company.

It only concerns a limited part of the complete selection. All other Dutch Lady products are not produced in China but for example in Malaysia, Vietnam or The Netherlands, and are safe for consumption. Friesland Foods does not source any raw materials from China.

In Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau it concerns Dutch Lady sterilized milk in different flavors in plastic bottles of 1 litre and 250 ml.

In Singapore the authorities have declared that they have only found a too high value of melamine in the strawberry flavor of the in China produced milk in plastic bottles.

In Hong Kong tests have indicated that there is no contamination. Nevertheless, there has been decided to withdraw these products from the market and inform consumers not to consume these products.