Tips on milk carton to reduce waste

13 July 2015

Three simple tips on the dairy carton help the consumer waste less dairy. If the consumer knows at what temperature dairy can best be kept, better handles the best-before dates and empties the carton well, much wasting can be avoided.

In the Netherlands, about half of all the food at home is wasted, including a lot of milk, yoghurt and other dairy products. That’s why the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) has designed a ‘spairing with dairy’ icon for use on the dairy carton to help waste reduction. The icon contains three tips for the consumer to waste less dairy and can be found on various cartons for daily-fresh dairy of Friesland Campina and Arla as of this week.

Best-before date

The most important tip concerns the best-before date, because this often causes confusion among consumers. The best-before date indicates that the product is of an optimum quality up to and including that date. Provided that it is kept at a cool place, dairy is still good for consumption even after this best-before date. The advice after expiration of the date: check if the product looks well, smell the product and try if the taste is still good.

The two other tips involve the keeping and emptying of the carton.