Three times ‘super gold’ for FrieslandCampina at World Cheese Awards

22 October 2019

Over 3,800 cheeses competed for one of the prizes during the World Cheese Awards 2019, organised in Bergamo, Italy on 18 October 2019. FrieslandCampina captured as many as 29 medals. Skylger cheese matured, also known as ‘Eilandkaas’ [Island Cheese], Frico goat’s cheese (from Gerkesklooster) and NH Lutjewinkel 1916 even received the designation ‘super gold’!

Eight gold medals

Golden awards were assigned to:

Cheese   Production location / operating company
Milner 30+ (PlanetProof) Steenderen
Frico Gouda ripened (PlanetProof) Lutjewinkel
Parrano ripened Steenderen
Lutjewinkel 35+ ripened Lutjewinkel
Milner 30+ ripened Steenderen
Skylger extra ripened (Eilandkaas van Terschelling) Zijerveld
Farmhouse cheese matured Zijerveld
Amaltura goat’s cheese Zijerveld

Silver medals

Six cheeses were awarded silver:

Cheese Production location /operating company
Frico Edam ripened Marum
Holland Master Gouda old Lutjewinkel
Milner 30+ extra ripened Steenderen
Cantenaar Steenderen
Caprimera goat’s cheese Zijerveld
Farmhouse cheese old Zijerveld

Rain of bronze medals

As many as twelve medals were allotted to:

Cheese Production location /operating company
Holland Master Goat’s Cheese Gerkesklooster
Noord-Wester matured Marum
Frico Gouda ripened Steenderen
Lutjewinkel Gouda ripened Lutjewinkel
Holland Master Gouda extra ripened Lutjewinkel
Skylger ripened (Eilandkaas van Terschelling) Zijerveld
Frico Edam young Marum
Farmhouse cheese matured Zijerveld
Farmhouse cheese old Zijerveld
Caprimera Basil Fennugreek goat’s cheese Zijerveld
Frico baby Edam Marum
Frico Edam ripened Marum

We are ‘super proud’ that the jury honoured as many as 29 of the 41 entries of FrieslandCampina. These awards show that our cheeses are internationally appreciated!

The annual prize-giving ceremony is part of the two-day FORME festival, which was held for the 32nd time this year. The 3,804 cheeses that were submitted from 41 different countries were judged by 250 jurors.