Have a taste of farm life in virtual reality

Discover the story of 'from grass to glass’

10 November 2016

On Saturday 12 November, 100 dairy farmers will be ready in the Albert Heijn supermarkets to show customers where Campina milk is coming from. Using virtual reality glasses, Campina will take along the shoppers into the world of the dairy farmer by means of a 360 degrees film. By watching this film, they can have a unique look at the farm and learn more about our dairy products.
‘Consumers want to know where their food is coming from’, according to Thomas Luberti, Brand Leader Campina at FrieslandCampina Nederland B.V. ‘By making use of virtual reality we show that Campina dairy products are made from meadow milk supplied by Dutch dairy farmers. The film shows the entire process from grass to glass, including the cows grazing in the meadows, the milking, the milk collection truck bringing the milk to the production location and the packagings of dairy products coming off the conveyor belts, ready to be taken to the supermarket. Our dairy farmers will be present in the supermarkets to demonstrate and explain this next Saturday.

‘Nice to see who is buying our dairy’

Gerald van Middelaar, dairy farmer of FrieslandCampina in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, will be present in the Albert Heijn at the Emiclaerhof in Amersfoort: ‘I like the idea that on this day I will be in close contact with the people who buy the dairy products for which I supply the milk. In this way I can show with how much passion we as farmers daily take care of our cows and run our family businesses.’

For more information and locations, check out the Campina website!