Sugar content in FrieslandCampina products substantially reduced in the past six years

23 February 2016

FrieslandCampina started a major sugar-reduction programme in the Netherlands in 2009. This is important in order to make the products healthier and to contribute to avoiding unnecessary intake of calories. This reduction of the sugar content involves all products, ranging from infant products to indulgent desserts. Actually, FrieslandCampina reduced the sugar content of a large part of its products by seven to 44 percent in the past six years.

Reduction of the sugar content has an effect on the taste and the texture of products. In order to compensate this, adjustments in recipes are necessary, which require relatively much research and development time. Consumers also often have to get used to these product changes. Therefore FrieslandCampina opted for adjusting the recipes in small steps. In this way the sweet taste is changed gradually and almost unnoticeable . By now, the company, which not only produces dairy products but fruit drinks as well, annually processes more than eight million kilos less sugar in its products.

Sugar reduction part of health policy

FrieslandCampina has anchored sugar reduction in its health policy. Besides, the company joined the ‘Akkoord Verbetering Productsamenstelling’ [Agreement for improvement of products composition] in 2014. In this the government and industry made arrangements about reducing the contents of sugar, fat and salt in food. ¬†FrieslandCampina shares its experience gained in the area of sugar reduction with parties in the Netherlands and abroad, for example during an EU conference about improvement of food that was held on 22 and 23 February.