Successes for FrieslandCampina at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards

1 August 2019

FrieslandCampina carried off four awards during the International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2019, the most important cheese judging of the year. Milner cheese 30+ extra matured and Skylger piquant, also known as Eilandkaas van Terschelling (cheese of the isle of Terschelling), were rewarded with a golden award. Apart from the golden award and the entitling of overall ‘runner-up’ for Milner, this 30+ extra matured cheese was also elected the ‘best cheese with health benefits’.

During the 122nd edition of the International Cheese & Dairy Awards in Nantwich (United Kingdom), FrieslandCampina received four awards and two honourable mentions for its cheeses. In addition to the golden awards, the goat’s cheese produced at our cheese production location in Gerkesklooster (the Netherlands) won a silver award. The North Holland 35+ cheese, produced at our cheese production location in Lutjewinkel (the Netherlands) received a bronze award.

Two honourable mentions were there for Gouda cumin cheese from Lutjewinkel and Amaltura goat’s cheese.

This year, the annual cheese judging took place on 30 July and the cheese show at 31 July. About 5.000 cheeses coming from 30 countries were submitted for sampling.

We are really happy with these results. And proud. Proud of our member dairy farmers, our cheese makers and all people who have made their contributions to these successes.

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