Success for North Holland Gouda Cheese in Wisconsin

10 March 2016

During the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (USA) that took place on 9 March 2016, the North Holland Gouda Cheese Extra Special Old finished in third place and thus named ‘Second Runner Up’. The cheese, produced by FrieslandCampina, has a characteristic full and creamy flavour and is rewarded with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

North Holland Gouda Cheese Extra Special Old is made from meadow milk, collected from North Holland dairy farmers, and produced according to North Holland tradition by the cheese plant in Lutjewinkel (the Netherlands, region North Holland). Strict rules that allow the cheese to officially carry the ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ and Red Seal label. This ‘Second Runner Up’ cheese is an old cheese and has a rich but also a sweet and fruity flavour. But most typical is the melting consistency in the mouth which gives an intense taste experience.

A cheese contest in Wisconsin every two years

The international cheese contest is held every two years. This year, 2.948 cheeses were judged in 110 categories, of which FrieslandCampina has submitted 33 entries in 12 categories. In the final round for the championship, consisting of a selection of 16 cheeses from Gold medal winners, FrieslandCampina was present with three cheeses:
• Gouda Holland cheese, produced by cheese plant in Steenderen
• North Holland BOB Low Salt, manufactured by cheese plant Lutjewinkel
• North Holland BOB Special Extra Old, manufacture by cheese plant Lutjewinkel

World Champion 2016

The world champion tittle was assigned to Roth Grand Cru Surchoix cheese of team Emmi Roth USA. The Urnäscher Hornkuhkäse, produced by Urnäscher Milchspezialitäten AG, became the ‘First Runner Up’.

The other FrieslandCampina winners:

Cheese plant Category Cheese
Gold medal    
Lutjewinkel Reduced Sodium (min 25% sodium reduction) North Holland Gouda (PDO) Low Salt
(also finalist in the finals)
Marum Edam Noord-Wester
Steenderen Gouda Mild Gouda Holland
(also finalist in the finals)
Reduced Fat Semi Hard Cheeses (40-50% moisture) Milner Mild
Silver medal
Marum Edam


Edam Matured
Steenderen Reduced Fat Hard Cheeses Milner Aged
Bronze medal
Steenderen Gouda Matured Gouda Old
Reduced Fat Semi Hard Cheeses (40-50% moisture) Milner Cumin

From left to right: First Runner Up: Urnäscher Hornkuhkäse, World champion: Roth Grand Cru Surchoix, Second Runner Up: North Holland Gouda Special Old Extra