FrieslandCampina committed to the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre for another three year period

6 December 2016

In Beijing, the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC) celebrated its 3rd anniversary by gathering more than ninety high-level stakeholders during festivities on December 6th.

FrieslandCampina’s CEO Roelof Joosten was present to congratulate and celebrate, saying that many similar initiatives have been announced over the past few years, but were never heard of again. SDDDC proved the contrary by showing results.

Safety and quality

Roelof Joosten said that safety and quality of fresh milk remain a top priority in SDDDC’s work, but that the horizon should be widened to productivity and sustainability as well. The CEO announced FrieslandCampina’s continued commitment to SDDDC in providing funding and in-kind support for the next 3 years.

International cooperation

According to Wang Zhicai, Chief of the Animal Husbandry division of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the past three years, the SDDDC has built a platform for Chinese and Dutch dairy industry collaboration and set an example of international cooperation for the Chinese dairy industry.

Roelof Joosten


The SDDDC was jointly established in November 2013 by China Agriculture University, Wageningen University & Research and FrieslandCampina. The objective of the SDDDC is to improve food quality, as well as safety and productivity levels in China’s dairy industry by sharing the professional dairy expertise of the Netherlands. Over the years the SDDDC extended to a cooperation platform of 10 Chinese and Dutch partners. The youngest partner Qlip, a Dutch quality inspection and certification organization, signed a partnership agreement for 3 years during the festivities in Beijing.