On the road in a more sustainable way

12 October 2018

Driving with a lower CO2 emission: this is possible with LNG fuel. The past few years, FrieslandCampina has worked with its carriers on a pilot project with LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) as alternative fuel for diesel. Five carriers started to work with dual fuel tractors, which are driven by diesel with added LNG, in 2014. It was proven in the past few years that using diesel mixed with LNG as fuel reduces the CO2 emission by 12 percent.

Various new tractors that are fully LNG-driven or driven by LNG with added diesel were introduced in 2018. The first new Volvo LNG tractor was recently put into use by Wigle de Vries of Transport Groep Noord in Noordwolde (NL) and it already shows a CO2 reduction of 20 percent.

The use of LNG will eventually be replaced by bio-LNG, a type of LNG made from biogas. Bio-LNG is largely CO2-neutral. Truck manufacturers and Rolande, a company establishing LNG networks, are together preparing the market for ever cleaner types of energy for road transport.

FrieslandCampina stimulates its carriers to make use of these innovations as much as possible. More sustainable road transport is fully in line with the promise of FrieslandCampina to be leading is sustainability.